How many species of Zygomycota are there?

800 species

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In this way, what are examples of Zygomycota?

Mucorales Mucoromycotina Zoopagomycotina

Also, how do you identify Zygomycota? The identifying characteristics of the Zygomycota are the formation of a zygospore during sexual reproduction and the lack of hyphal cell walls except in reproductive structures. Many (~100 species) are known plant root symbionts.

Beside this, how do Zygomycota reproduce?

Zygomycota are able to reproduce both sexually and asexually. With asexual reproduction, asexual spores called sporangiospores are produced in sporangia. Typically, three sporangia are produced, but there are variations within asexual reproduction. Nuclei move to the ends of the progametangia to form septa.

What is the order of Zygomycota?

Division: Zygomycota C. Moreau 1954 (informal)
Class: Zygomycetes Winter 1881
Mucoromycotina: Endogonales Mucorales Mortierellales Kickxellomycotina: Asellariales Kickxellales Dimargaritales Harpellales Entomophthoromycotina: Entomophthorales Zoopagomycotina: Zoopagales

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