How Jeffrey Dahmer’s polaroids betrayed him after police believed his explanation for the horrible smell in his home

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etradefactory.comPOLICE initially believed Jeffrey Dahmer’s explanation for the foul smell in his home – before his Polaroid collection revealed it. Officer Rolf Mueller and his partner Robert Rauth drove to his home after being arrested by one of the killer’s victims, Tracey Edwards, still in handcuffs.

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[catlist id=100371 numberposts=5] Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991, unnoticed by police. Edwards had escaped and found the two police officers and told them of his ordeal at the hands of a “monster”. A stench of meat was greeted as the two officers walked around, but Dahmer told them it was pork chops and had dissipated, the Daily Mail reports. It was an excuse he also made to his neighbors telling them that his freezer had broken down. They decided there was nothing suspicious in the apartment, but asked for the key to unlock Edwards’ handcuffs.
Rolf Mueller was one of the officers who responded to the call about a suspicious man wandering the streets. When they arrived, they found Jeffrey Dahmer and asked him what he was doing.
Dahmer told them that he was looking for his car, which had broken down. But Mueller didn’t believe him and asked to see some ID.
Dahmer refused and tried to walk away, so Mueller grabbed his arm to stop him. At that point, Dahmer began struggling, and Mueller had to call for backup. Dahmer was eventually subdued and taken into custody.
The serial killer is one of the agents in his bedroom to take a look. But as he left, the officer saw an open drawer in a nightstand with a stash of Polaroid photos. “These are real,” he said. Dahmer tried to escape, but the police managed to drag him to the ground and handcuff him, putting an end to his murderous frenzy.
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