How do you use despotic in a sentence?

Sentence Examples

Men thought him more cruel and more despoticthan he actually was. The Prussian people were keenly irritated bythe cordial relations between their court and the mostdespotic power in Europe. The Internet is still able to be”turned off” by despotic rulers.

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Similarly, it is asked, how do you use reverence in a sentence?

reverence Sentence Examples

  1. Everything her father did inspired her with reverence and wasbeyond question.
  2. Everyone in the crowded room knew Pastor Humphries and treatedhim with the reverence as a visiting cardinal.
  3. It is respectful to show reverence to those who have passedaway.

One may also ask, what is despotic rule? despotic. Despotic is the adjective formof the noun despot, which means “tyrannical ruler.” If youlive under despotic rule, you probably have few rights andmay fear your government. Use despotic to describe rulersthat rely on brute force (or the threat of it) rather than therule of law to keep order.

Also, what is the meaning of despotic in synonyms?

Synonyms of despotic authoritarian, authoritative, autocratic (alsoautocratical), bossy, dictatorial, domineering, imperious,masterful, overbearing, peremptory, tyrannical (also tyrannic),tyrannous.

What is the sentence of despotic?

despotic Sentence Examples. In other cases a moredespotic monarchy has grown up – the prowess of one manleading to the subjugation of other clans. Men thought him morecruel and more despotic than he actually was.

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