How do you get ARDS?

ARDS occurs when there is trauma to the lungs, either directly or indirectly. Most people who get ARDS are already in the hospital for trauma or illness. ARDS causes fluid to leak into the lungs, making it difficult to get oxygen into the blood.

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Beside this, what is the main cause of ARDS?


Also, can ARDS be cured? Because there is no direct cure for ARDS, treatment focuses on supporting the patient while the lung heals. The goal of this supportive care is to keep enough oxygen in the blood to prevent further damage to your body and to treat whatever caused ARDS in the first place.

In this way, how do you develop ARDS?

  1. Sepsis. This is a condition in which bacteria infect the bloodstream.
  2. Pneumonia. This is an infection in the lungs.
  3. Severe bleeding caused by an injury to the body.
  4. An injury to the chest or head, like a severe blow.
  5. Breathing in harmful fumes or smoke.
  6. Inhaling vomited stomach contents from the mouth.

Is ARDS painful?

All patients with ARDS will have shortness of breath, which is usually very severe. They will also have cough, and many will have fever. Those with ARDS will also have fast heart rates and be breathing rapidly. Occasionally they will experience chest pain especially with inhaling.

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