Though Marvel Studios commonly places its personal twist on well-established storylines and characters from the supply materials, there is definitely a purpose why the MCU is usually lauded amongst followers for remaining trustworthy (in spirit, if not all the time beat-by-beat) to the comics. With “Hawkeye” set to debut in a couple of quick weeks, the query of how pretty the studio treats its authentic comedian ebook expertise has been sure to return up in the end. Thankfully, The Ringer reached out on to Matt Fraction on their podcast (by way of Murphy’s Multiverse) and the person himself confirmed that he’s concerned with “Hawkeye” as what he believes to be a consulting producer.

“I’m — I believe — credited as consulting producer, although I’d should verify with my agent and possibly simply learn the credit. But it is the very best as a result of I get to take all of the credit score…and hope not one of the blame. I learn scripts and provided ideas. And that was, in kind of all through the method, and kind of learn by…three or 4 rounds of studying every thing.”

That actually sounds about as concerned as any Marvel comics artist has been with a Marvel manufacturing in fairly a while, although he additionally confirms that his scheduled cameo within the sequence needed to be nixed because of pandemic filming circumstances. Hopefully, his producing credit score will end in honest and correct compensation as one of many main figures chargeable for what the “Hawkeye” sequence has in the end turn into.

“Hawkeye” will premiere on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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