We have one other crossover beneath our belts.

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 5, the tragic demise of Dean Miller led to new developments for Bailey and Ben, and new connections deepened for Amelia and Bartley and Mer and Nick.

Join Jasmin Pettie, Meaghan Frey, and Joshua Johnson as they talk about the hour.

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What are your ideas on the crossover? How do you’re feeling about this demise and the general Station 19 storyline?

Jasmin: I solely watched the Grey’s Anatomy a part of the crossover, so I haven’t got something to contribute about the crossover facet. I believed it was fascinating that they performed it up like Ben had been injured or killed, and then we came upon it was Dean. I’m glad they did not kill Ben off, however I’m unhappy that Dean died.

Meaghan: I used to be heated. Killing off a personality from one present in the different present as a part of a crossover occasion is ridiculous! Obviously, they’re going to handle his demise on Station 19’s subsequent episode, however that does not matter. It ought to have been that forged getting an opportunity to mourn him, not simply a few their characters.

And do not even get me started on the disrespect of getting Vic make jokes about him being in love along with her and her positively not feeling the similar. It all simply rubbed me the fallacious means.

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Joshua: I did not watch Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5, so I do not know if any GA characters confirmed up there, however apart from Miller’s dying being a catalyst for Bailey and Ben’s plotline, I do not see why it wanted to be a crossover.

Even although I do not watch Station 19, I nonetheless obtained emotional by the characters’ reactions. I did not suppose they wanted to arrange the idea that Ben died; it simply appeared like pointless drama.

I did take pleasure in seeing Vic, although; I believe Barrett Doss is an enthralling actress. I disagree with Meaghan about the disrespect of Vic making these jokes–I noticed it as somebody who was in an altered second and making jokes to search out levity in an uncomfortable scenario.

Plus, it will arrange some great angsty storylines in Station 19 (which I do not watch, so I’ll should ask my mother on that one).

Do you perceive Bailey’s hesitancy in taking custody of Pru? How ridiculous was it that Ben by no means instructed her about his settlement with Dean?

Jasmin: I do perceive her hesitancy, and the undeniable fact that she introduced up not desirous to get hooked up to Pru as a result of Dean’s mother and father might swoop in and take her, and that would nonetheless occur irks me.

They introduced it up, and then we see Bailey assembly Pru and very clearly getting hooked up without the cause she was hesitant addressed.

I did not see these scenes on Station 19, however I understood that Ben agreed as a result of Dean requested him repeatedly, they have been mates and brothers, and as he stated to Bailey, he by no means thought he’d die.

Also, as he factors out, Bailey requested Joey to develop into part of their household without speaking to him, so adopting children without speaking to the different particular person is type of their factor now?

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Meaghan: I perceive Bailey’s hesitancy totally, however I additionally knew she would instantly change her thoughts when Pru confirmed up. Ben ought to have mentioned it along with her, although. Saying, “But you probably did it too,” would not minimize it. Can the characters on Grey’s Anatomy please begin having conversations like adults?

Joshua: I understood Bailey’s level that bringing in an almost full-grown grownup is drastically completely different from taking in the child, however then she gave her speech about wanting a daughter to Ben, and my coronary heart broke as a result of I remembered her miscarriage and that that child was a woman.

My greatest emotional response to the episode was Ortiz bringing in Pru and seeing Bailey (and Jo in the background) getting emotional, and then Pru strolling into Bailey’s arms. It additionally did not harm that the actress who performs Pru is INSANELY ADORABLE and pulled on my brovaries.

I believe it’s ridiculous that Ben by no means talked the scenario over with Bailey earlier than something occurred. Still, I perceive his level that he by no means thought it might come to fruition (though they’re firefighters).

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Did you take pleasure in Tom’s massive return? Is David overreacting to Tom’s involvement?

Jasmin: I loved his return!

I like Tom, and so I used to be comfortable to see him again. I used to be a bit disillusioned that Hamilton was distraught over nothing.

They made it out prefer it was this massive deal, and then it seems Tom did not really do something fallacious. He boasted to Hamilton about relationship his daughter, which he should not have executed, however aside from that, Tom did not harm her or do something to harm Hamilton.

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He was simply his common smarmy self. I believe Hamilton overacted a bit, however that had extra to do along with his fears due to his sickness reasonably than really having a difficulty with Tom. I believe he projected majorly, and Meredith was proper to the level that out.

Meaghan: I used to be comfortable to see him, nevertheless it did not really feel like a “massive return” to me, solely as a result of he JUST left Grey’s a couple of episodes in the past. We’ve barely had time to overlook him.

The drama surrounding him engaged on the analysis was so contrived. Like Mer stated, these regulatory boards do not care about Tom’s bedmates. That was simply being petty.

Joshua: I did not not take pleasure in Tom, however apart from Greg Germann being hilarious, it did not actually add a lot to the story. I did discover it shocking that he and Bartley had a dalliance, although.

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I wasn’t anticipating that. Hamilton overreacted to the scenario, however I can see how any person shedding management of his life would struggle to maintain management elsewhere.

After the explosion triggered Owen, he vowed to assist different veterans learn to handle their PTSD as he did. Thoughts?

Jasmin: While the scenes with Owen have been onerous to look at, I respect the present returning to and re-addressing Owen’s PTSD and the undeniable fact that it isn’t one thing that simply goes away.

I’m glad that Owen’s discovered higher methods of coping with it over time, and I believe what he is making an attempt to do to assist the different veterans is admirable and is sensible for this character.

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Meaghan: I’m glad that they may give attention to PTSD however is Owen actually the one to be addressing it? We noticed the man have like one idea session and then was “cured.” Had we seen him undergo extra of a course of, I’d be completely on board, however I simply really feel like the storyline is not going to provide the matter the precise effort it deserves.

Joshua: I stored anticipating Owen to have an entire break-down or blow-out or no matter, and was pleasantly stunned that when he realized his PTSD episode was lasting longer than he thought, that he excused himself and practiced what he was taught in these conditions.

To me, that spoke to the idea that his remedy has been ongoing (or that he had greater than only one remedy session).

I additionally appreciated him acknowledging Teddy’s PTSD and the undeniable fact that the different veterans won’t have the instruments to deal with theirs. Overall, I simply respect that Owen has an precise storyline that does not contain romantic drama.

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There was development in (doable) romances with Mer and Nick, Amelia and Bartley, and Megan and Hayes. Share your ideas.

Jasmin: I hated all of it. No shock there. The Meredith and Nick storyline made completely no sense, and I’m not simply saying that as a result of I do not like them collectively.

In the starting, Nick asks her what she’s sporting, and she says a chastity belt echoing her earlier feedback about she’s not going to sleep with him.

But then, at the finish of the episode, we see them on a date at a restaurant the place after having a non-sensical dialog, they wind up making out.

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So, is she into this man or not? Her phrases and her actions do not match, and the entire factor is not sensible.

While I did really feel some chemistry between Amelia and Bartley, it wasn’t earth-shattering, and I really feel like she has means higher chemistry with Link.

I actually obtained extra of a mates vibe with Megan and Hayes. I did not really feel any chemistry there.

Meaghan: It’s no secret I’m an enormous fan of Nick and Mer, so I take pleasure in any scene we get of them.

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However, can they take a while in the subsequent couple of episodes to spend some prolonged intervals with them so their relationship can develop extra for viewers? We want greater than flirty texts and kisses.

I positively felt the chemistry with Amelia and Bartley extra this week than earlier than, however I’m nonetheless not totally on board but. I might get there, although, with extra improvement.

I actually am having fun with the Megan and Hayes storyline. I agree with Jasmin that it looks like a friendship at this level, however I believe there may be lots of potential for romantic chemistry. I simply hope they do not drag it out too lengthy as a result of we all know what occurred final time they did that to Hayes.

Joshua: I personally have at all times seen the chemistry between Meredith and Nick and appreciated that their scenario deepened this week.

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I favored seeing Meredith go to Nick for recommendation on the right way to cope with Hamilton–to me, it spoke to the idea that Meredith trusts him and respects his ideas and opinions.

Previously, I did not see how Amelia and Bartley might have chemistry–I’m so sorry to the actor, however I do not discover E.R. Fightmaster to be a very dynamic actor, and they do not match the “Grey’s” fashion of acting–but this week I noticed it.

I largely chalk that as much as Caterina Scorsone with the ability to have chemistry with a brick wall. Even so, I’m thinking about seeing the place they are going. The similar factor to Megan and Hayes, however I’m not terribly invested in them but.

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What was your favourite second, most disappointing, or most fascinating? Is there the rest you would like so as to add?

Jasmin: This episode felt tremendous bland to me. I did not have a favourite second. I used to be disillusioned that they pulled away when Travis instructed Vic that Dean was useless.

That ought to have been the episode’s most emotional second, and they pulled away from it, so we did not really get to listen to the phrases. I favored Tom’s reappearance, however that was about it.

Meaghan: I used to be so upset about Miller’s demise and the way it was dealt with that I had issue staying . If I needed to decide, I assume Amelia was making an attempt to determine if Bartley was single. I actually love the banter between them.

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Joshua: It’s fascinating to me that Jasmin discovered the episode bland, and Meaghan had a tough time staying ; I believed this felt like an almost-classic Grey’s episode. There was drama, levity, character improvement, and fascinating and dynamic tales.

If I needed to decide one favourite second, it might be Bailey hugging Pru. I’m actually thinking about seeing how this performs out (particularly contemplating my mother–who loves Station 19–has instructed me that Miller’s mother and father have money, and she might see a storyline play out the place Bailey and Ben struggle for custody in opposition to them).

Over to you, Grey’s Fanatics. If you agree with our spherical desk, hold forth beneath!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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