There wanted to be a level when the trajectory of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 would change, and thankfully, it started on Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7.

The assortment has been slowed down by irritating storylines so far this season, and “The Portrait” took some narrative risks that ought to finish in some important developments down the line.

Then as soon as extra, you certainly not perceive how the cookie will crumble with this current.


When Fear the Walking Dead is good, it’s the best current in the franchise, but it surely certainly’s exhausting to defend it when the storylines are suggested in a meandering methodology when the current is horrible.

Morgan exhibiting up at Strand’s Tower was all the time going to return again with some caveats, nevertheless the unbelievable factor about this installment was that it was primarily a look inside Strand’s psyche.

If you watch Fear the Walking Dead online, he’s blossomed into this sass-filled villain who’s being super picky about who he lets inside his setting up.

A tower might appear to be a protected haven from the perils beneath, nevertheless the Stalkers managed to make use of the peak of the setting up to their profit without a second thought.


Throwing exploding walkers at the setting up was an environment friendly tactic to level out Strand that nothing is ever sacred on this post-apocalyptic world.

He can have this big army and this big setting up with a horde of walkers out entrance to keep up people away, but it surely certainly doesn’t make him or the setting up invincible.

Morgan: I merely suggested your people I don’t want any hassle.
Alycia: I didn’t convey you proper right here to set off hassle. I launched you proper right here on account of I would love your help.
Morgan: Alycia.
Alycia: You seem to be shit, Morgan.
Morgan: I’ll be honest with you, I actually really feel like shit. I believed we would misplaced you.
Alycia: No, I was safely underground whereas the the rest of the world burned.
Morgan: That’s why I don’t get this. Your people, you’re the ones who attacked the tower?
Alycia: No, these aren’t my people. Not anymore.

Allowing Morgan into the setting up in the first event was a shocker, nevertheless my jaw hit the floor after we realized Morgan poisoned him. 

The progress moreover comes with some important flaws, nonetheless. Surely must you merely poisoned someone, you’ll clear the poison off your arms, significantly must you’re dealing with a baby.

Wendell Lives? - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7

On prime of that, why wouldn’t Morgan give Strand adequate poison to kill him if that was the intent from the beginning?

I’d have quite a bit hottest this storyline left on the slicing room floor if the writers wanted it to return again all through as half-baked.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world on this nuclear wasteland, and Morgan resorting to poisoning Strand added depth to the character we’ve not seen in years.

Strand succumbing to the poison would perhaps divide the fanbase, nevertheless it might need made for some good scenes that confirmed viewers that the powers that be would take risks.

Strand Stands - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7

Another big topic was how the Stalkers have been dispatched off-screen like they served nothing to the whole plot.

These people have been threatening to destroy the whole area with the nuclear warhead, so it completely ruined the momentum by having them dealt with off-screen by Morgan’s mates.

Strand: I knew it, I knew my instincts have been correct. I turned you away sooner than. Nothing goes to change that.
Man: I have no idea about that. At the very least, it’s going to destroy your tower.
Strand: What would you want?
Man: Same issue we wanted after we often known as sooner than. A model new beginning for my people. A spot to call residence.
Strand: That’s not going to happen, not proper right here, not now.

Strand surviving and declaring himself as Mo’s guardian from that point forward bought right here out of nowhere, nevertheless the additional in all probability state of affairs is that he thinks the child will give him humanity.

Strand has turned on all people all by way of his current, normally throwing people to the wolves to keep up him protected.

What's Happening? - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7

Now that he’s conscious of the Tower is flawed and is likely to be destroyed by irradiated zombies, he’ll must regroup. Having Grace in the setting up will undoubtedly help points, nevertheless does anyone else assume Strand was too picky about who he allowed inside?

The scenes with him on the cellphone have been a number of of the best on account of they highlighted that he was on the lookout for a positive kind of survivor.

There was nonetheless some humanity in Strand when he lowered the youngster proper right down to Morgan as the walkers circled.

Alicia’s return was extraordinarily underwhelming. She’s the best character on the current, nevertheless she one way or the other all the time will get the worst supplies to work with.

Morgan Moves On - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7

I’m unable to be the only one anticipating Madison or one other individual to appear at the end. Alicia revealing her face rang a bell in my memory of The 100 better than one thing.

We had radiation, Alicia dressed as a Grounder, and all people was running for costly life from a danger attributable to talked about radiation.

Hopefully, we delve deeper into what occurred to Alicia when the warheads went off on account of the current purposefully left us in the darkish to convey her once more at one stage.

Dwight and Sherry ditching Mickey and coping with this group appeared uncommon when considering the events of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5.

Tension at the Tower - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7

There was quite a bit emphasis on their operate on this new world, and being suggested they wanted to do what was correct for them was a bitter pill to swallow.

From a technical standpoint, the final scenes have been unbelievable because you had exploding zombies sending radiation in direction of our heroes. It doesn’t get any additional deadlier than that, does it?

We found a warhead out proper right here. Must have been a dud, nevertheless nonetheless killed each who touched it, along with those who stuffed gadgets of it into these ineffective.


So a lot is driving on Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8. Will we lastly get some readability about the place this mediocre season is headed?

Padre has been this overarching storyline of the season, so if we don’t get one thing on the group, will these boring episodes even be value it?

Plotting Ahead - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6

What are your ideas on Alicia’s return?

Do you assume Strand must have died?

Hit the suggestions beneath.

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