Executive MBA

Executive MBA For Working Professionals


An Executive MBA is a master’s degree designed to help people who are in senior management positions in a variety of industries gain more managerial and leadership experience. This type of MBA program is specialized and typically requires a minimum of six years of experience. It is important to choose the right school for your unique circumstances and preferences. There are many reasons to choose an Executive MBA program. These benefits can include a more rewarding job, a broader network of professional contacts, and enhanced skills.

An Executive MBA program is designed to fit around a full-time work schedule. It is generally a two-day per month course that involves interactive online coursework. The program is structured around a cohort learning model, with approximately twenty-five students in a cohort. Having a diverse group of peers makes it easier for the students to discuss materials and complete team projects. Despite its varying schedule options, Executive MBA programs are flexible and offer a great blend of classroom learning and personal commitment.

The selection process is facilitated by the diverse experience of its cohorts and faculty. While most colleges have their own admissions process, the INSEAD Executive MBA program’s program attracts the smartest, most accomplished applicants. Throughout the program, professors are recognized for their teaching excellence and scholarship. They make the subject matter accessible to students through discussions, guest lectures, and simulations. The campus is conveniently located in the heart of the city, in the prestigious Borivali area.