Ethereum’s Post-Merge Transfer Fees Remain Low, Since Mid-May High-Priority ETH Fees Are 93% Cheaper

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Ethereum's Post-Merge Transfer Fees Remain Low, Since Mid-May High-Priority ETH Fees Are 93% Cheaper

Following Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) on September 15, the blockchain community’s transaction charges have been a lot decrease than they have been ten days earlier than The Merge. Roughly 4 months in the past on May 13, 2022, high-priority ether transactions may value 68 gwei or $2.97 per transaction, and right this moment at $0.18, a high-priority ether transaction is 93% cheaper.

Ethereum Fees Remain Low Following The Merge

The value to transact on the Ethereum community is cheaper post-Merge, as’s fuel tracker signifies a excessive precedence transaction on September 17, 2022, is round 8 gwei or $0.18 per switch. 12 days in the past on September 5, a high-priority ETH switch was 14 gwei or $0.47 per transaction.

The payment metrics from point out that right this moment’s ETH transaction charges are greater than 61% cheaper than they have been 12 days in the past. Moreover, Ethereum’s latest change from PoW to PoS has additionally prompted a number of payment aggregation internet portals like to publish misguided payment information.

At $0.5888 per switch, information from exhibits that the typical ethereum (ETH) payment has additionally dropped since The Merge befell. The metrics present the typical transaction payment on the ETH community on September 14 was $0.6293 per transaction, and on the day of The Merge, charges rose to $0.9812 per transaction.

Ethereum fuel charges are additionally 93% decrease than they have been 4 months in the past on May 13, 2022. stats present on May 13, the typical payment was $1.37 and it dropped 57.66% decrease than the present common payment of $0.58 per switch.

Data from signifies that’s fuel tracker additionally exhibits ether charges have been a lot increased 127 days in the past in mid-May. At that point, a excessive precedence transaction was 68 gwei or $2.97 per switch to easily ship ethereum, compared to right this moment’s $0.18 excessive precedence switch.

Today,’s fuel tracker exhibits an Opensea sale can value $0.61 and 4 months in the past it could have value $28.58. A Uniswap decentralized alternate (dex) swap will value $1.58 on September 17, however on May 13, it was roughly ​​$26.07.

Sending an ERC20 token like tether (USDT) or usd coin (USDC) can also be cheaper right this moment at $0.46 per transaction. But 127 days in the past, it could value a person roughly $7.65 per transaction to ship an ERC20-based coin.

As News reported on many events in 2022, Ethereum’s information charges have been dropping steadily since mid-May. Data from the post-Merge aftermath signifies onchain ETH charges have continued to stay low.

What do you suppose about post-Merge stats that present ether charges proceed to stay low? Let us know what you suppose about this topic within the feedback part beneath.

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