Does Applebee’s have drinks?

Drinks, Cocktails, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Applebee’s®

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Then, what kind of drinks does Applebee’s have?

Some call it the Blue Long Island Iced Tea. Others know it as the Blue Motorcycle. Whatever you call it, $1 Adios is a mix of vodka, rum, tequila, gin, blue curacao, sweet & sour, and Sierra Mist™. All for just a buck.

Also, does Applebees have $1 drinks? Step inside for Applebee’s new Neighborhood Drink, the $1 Vodka Rum Frostbite. It’s a frosty spin on a beachy cocktail. And with two spirits, it’ll warm you right up.

One may also ask, what is the drink at Applebee’s this month?

That’s because Applebee’s newest Neighborhood Drink of the Month is a 2 Dollar ABSOLUT® Vodka Lemonade. Stop by Applebee’s for your very first sip of spring today.

How much are drinks at Applebees?

Applebee’s Drink Menu Prices

Drink Price
Strawberry Lime Margarita $8.19
Blue Agave’Rita $6.59
Perfect Margarita $8.49

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