Director Thangarbachan has requested the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mukha Stalin to give a present to the Jallikattu gamers as an alternative of a automobile.

During the current Avanyapuram, Palamedu and Alankanallur Jallikkat, the most effective cowherds and the most effective cow homeowners had been introduced with vehicles on behalf of Chief Minister Mukha Stalin and MLA Udayanithi Stalin.


Commenting on the scenario, Director Thangarbachan stated, “In return for the quantity of the automobile, the troopers can enhance their lives by giving them plows, cows, land, and so forth., and they’ll have to combat for the remainder of their lives to hold the automobile and put petrol and diesel. Please, the Chief Minister ought to think about this.” Will Thangarbachan’s request be thought-about? Let’s see relying on that.

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