‘Dahmer’ becomes the second most watched English-language series in Netflix history

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It happens while ‘The Midnight Club’ sinks and ‘Blonde’ disappears from the charts.

etradefactory.com – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story barely benefited from any promotional campaign ahead of its premiere on Netflix. It arose from the prolific agreement between the platform andRyan Murphyand was nourished by the current fever fortrue crime, erectingEvan Petersas the so-called‘butcher of Milwaukee’

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The Jeffrey Dahmer story thus premiered on a Wednesday (unlike most Netflix releases, which fall on a Friday), and debuted with no less than196 million hours viewed.in his first week. A triumphant arrival, which exceeded what was achieved in its opening by any Netflix series or movie, whether or not it was in English. But it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s story has added 205.33 million hours viewed this past week , making it the second most watched English series in Netflix history. It has surpassed the second season of The Bridgertons but has fallen behind Stranger Things 4 . With respect to the latter, a wide gap hangs, since the fourth installment of the Duffer series ended its 28-day scale with 1,350 million hours viewed :

a savagery that it is doubtful that Dahmercan equal, since he only has nine days left to dispute the position. Likewise, it is a triumph for the Ryan Murphy series, and a triumph that probably has to be linked to the controversy that arose.

Since Dahmer landed on Netflix, there hasn’t been a day without someone criticizing the material for the lack of sensitivity shown to real events. Relatives of the victims have denounced that no one in the production contacted them, while a journalist familiar with the case has described the portrait of the policemen as “unfair” and a person linked to the production, as if that were not enough, has assured that he suffered racism during the filming of the series. Since Dahmer started with the intention of focusing on the victims before the psychopath, and thus revealing the different racist and homophobic conditions that made it easier for Dahmer to get away with it, it is still ironic.

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