Chocolate Name List: Here is a list of brown and chocolate brand names made of cocoa beans, dry seeds and fermentation of cocoa trees continue to read articles to get all information about the list of brown names. Scroll down to find a list of brown names with complete details.Chocolate Name List

List of brown names

Chocolate is prepared from grilled cocoa beans and powder in the form of fluid, pasta, or blocks. The term chocolate has come from the word Spain Xocolātl. Chocolate is one of the most popular types of food and available in hundreds of flavors throughout the world. A chocolate bar pleases our senses and flows our minds. It is loved by children and adults and is mainly used in dessert including cakes, pudding, mousse, brown brownies, and chocolate chip cakes. There are various brands and types of chocolates available such as dark, white chocolate, milk chocolate. Chocolate lovers will be crazy to check the list of brown names and patiently wait to find out different brown names. So here is a list of brown names with their brand names.

Find below the chocolate names and brand names where they are sold on the market.

List of brown brand names

Chocolate is available in solid and liquid form. They can be eaten as bars or can be filled in candy. They are also popularly used as gifts on occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Hanukkah. They come in various forms such as heart, coins, oval and also called stress busters. List of chocolate names includes different brand names such as Cadbury, Nestle, Amul, Parle, Mars, Ferrero, Lotus, Campco, Hershey and Pacari.

S.No Chocolate Brands Names
1 Cadbury
2 Nestle
3 Amul
4 Parle
5 Mars
6 Ferrero
7 Lotus
8 Campco
9 Hershey
10 Pacari

Chocolate Brand Names

Chocolate is consumed in Western countries and comes under the list of luxury items. Chocolate milk is sweet chocolate containing milk powder or condensed milk, and white chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk but no cocoa solids.

1. Cadbury

Cadbury Chocolate Cadbury dairy cow milk is the British brand and the largest brown brand in the world. This is one of the top brown brands in India and is famous for carrying products such as Cadbury Milk blocks, dark cadbury milk, bars & blocks, chocolate, chocolate boxes, coco range, creme eggs, cadbury lollies, biscuits, drinking chocolate, and more. Some famous chocolate from Cadbury in India are:

2. Nestle


Nestle is a parent company of other products sold like Maggi Mie, Munch, Kitkat, Milkybar and Bar One. The brand is known for making drinks, breakfast cereal, chocolate, milk, nutrients, etc. Nestle Kitkat is a sharp wafer finger covered with chocolate. The best chocolate produced by the brand is:

3. Amul


Amul is an Indian company formed in 1956 in Gujarat. This is the largest milk organization in India, which produces milk, milk goods and chocolate. Amul also sells products such as cheese, paneer, forehead, milk powder, ghee, ice cream, etc. Chocolate products produced by Amul are:

4. Parle


Parle is one of the largest biscuit and candy manufacturers in India. The company also produces delicious chocolates such as eclair, parle kismi, melody, mango bite etc. Parle also makes the best black chocolate in India that has a taste of intoxicating. Chocolate sold under this brand is:

5. Mars


Mars is the manufacturer of Snickers that consists of caramel, milk and peanuts. Mars is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints, and fruity candies. Some of the best chocolates of Mars are:

6. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is an Italian company formed in 1982. It produces one of the best chocolates, which is also quite expensive. Chocolate comes in a round ball with coated beans. This is the most loved, talented, and valued brown brand in India and throughout the world. Each Ferrero Rocher is produced with fine hazelnut chocolate. The best chocolate under this brand includes truffles, vanilla, milk and hazelnut chocolate truffles.

7. Lotus


Lotus is the best chocolate manufacturer, cocoa and derivative products. The brand has the best quality of cocoa beans to provide the best chocolate. They make Choco Drops, Chuckles, Choco Slab, Lotus Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Sauce etc. Chocolate made under Lotus includes:

Lotus Dark Chocolate.

Lotus milk chocolate.

8. Campco


Campco is an Indian brand from Karnataka and is the largest producer of Arecanut, rubber, pepper and cocoa in India. This is a household brand to make delicious chocolate from the best homegrown cocoa. Various chocolate flavors produced by the brand are:

Campo Dark Chocolate.

Free chocolate sugar campo

Soft and smooth chocolate

9. Hershey


Hershey is an American company and one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. Chocolate sold under a brand in India is dark brown brookside, white chocolate, bar and mensmis, candy, syrup and topping. Here are some of the best chocolates of Hershey’s:

Milk Chocolate Bars Hershey

Hershey’s white creme with almond bar

Hershey’s black chocolate

10. Pacari.


Pacari is known for the rich original cocoa chocolate and has been given to the best dark brown bar in the world. This brand is known to only make dark chocolate in India containing 100% cocoa. This makes sugar-free chocolate and organic chocolate. Some of the chocolates are:

List of chocolate names has been provided, along with complete details. Read articles to find out all about exotic chocolate brands.

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Chocolate Name List – FAQs

1. What are the top chocolate brands in India?

1 Cadbury
2 Nestle
3 Amul
4 Parle
5 Mars
6 Ferrero
7 Lotus
8 Campco
9 Hershey
10 Pacari

2. Does Cadbury come in the best chocolate brand?

Yes it comes in the best chocolate brand.

3. Does Nestle come in the best chocolate brand?

Yes it comes in the best chocolate brand.

4. What is Chocolate produced by Cadbury?

5. What is Chocolate produced by Nestle?

6. What is the chocolate produced by Amul?

7. What is the chocolate produced by Parle?

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