CAT UNIVERSITY | How I make +1200$ a day passive income with Uniswap & Solidity – Easy Tutorial

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Uniswap is a cryptocurrency alternate which makes use of a decentralized community protocol. If you commerce crypto on Uniswap, 1inch or another decentralized alternate (DEX), then you’ll want to know about front-running bots.
Automated buying and selling on Uniswap and different DEFI platforms can be utilized to make insane earnings. In this video, I go over learn how to setup my Front running bot which is able to carry out purchase/promote actions mechanically without having to undergo the everyday guide transactional strategies, which is able to generate passive income so you possibly can get pleasure from what you need in life.

0:00 Introduction
1:06 What is Front Running?
2:30 Create Contract
3:25 Compile Contract
3:50 Deploy Contract
6:01 Result after 12 hours
6:36 Result after 24 Hours
6:56 Withdraw revenue

πŸ‘‰ Access Remix:

πŸ‘‰ Paste the code in Remix:

πŸ‘‰ You can PM me right here:
You can message me right here for those who need assistance (however please hold it concise, have been receiving many many messages and have a exhausting time maintaining, likelihood is your query has already been addressed within the video or in replies!):

1. Download MetaMask:

2. Access Remix:

3. Click on the “contracts” folder after which create a “New File”. Rename it as you want, i.e: “bot.sol”

4. Paste THIS code in Remix:

5. Move to the “Solidity Compiler” tab, choose model “0.6.6” after which “Compile” it

6. Move to the “Deploy” tab, choose “Injected Web 3” setting after which “Deploy” it. After the transaction is confirmed, it is your personal BOT now

7. Deposit funds to your actual bot contract handle

8. After your transaction is confirmed, begin the bot by clicking the β€œbegin” button.

9. When you are glad with the earnings, press “withdraw” to withdraw all of the ETH from the contract

======== FAQ ========

Will the Merge have an effect on this?
No, it won’t. The merge will not change something about the execution layer, nor will it cut back charges or improve transactional throughput.

Can I flip off my pc?
Yes. Once the sensible contract has been deployed it lives on the blockchain. Just save the handle after which you possibly can import it into remix just under the “Deploy” button by pasting within the contract handle and urgent “At Address”.

How can I give again to you?
Please subscribe to my channel and be looking out for my upcoming DeFi venture!

Does this work on different chains like BSC?
It might however the code would wish some changes (the token and uniswap addresses). The bot doubtless will not be as worthwhile on alt-chains since they often come with low charges and quick transactions. Frontrunning is very easy on Ethereum due to excessive charges and gradual transactions.

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