Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Anchor Ravi gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Kajal Debtor Sunny .. Ravi Elimination, Vekki Vekki Weeping House Members

The elimination of anchor Ravi in ​​the twelfth week of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu unexpectedly shocked the housemates. Played a key perform in determining eviction free go elimination. Host Nagarjuna Bumparafar launched the winners of the Bigg Boss current. The title winner will possible be gifted Rs 50 lakh along with a house worth Rs 25 lakh this season. Nag tried to go looking out out the views of the family members as to who would do it with further money. And who gave what kind of options .. If you want to perceive how the unique Ravi was eliminated, it’s a should to be taught this story.

As it was Sunday Fande, Nagarjuna, as frequent, carried out satisfying video video games with the family. With just a few days to go sooner than the highest of the season, Bigg Boss shared the prize money particulars of the title winner. Nag revealed that this season the Bigg Boss winner may even win 300 sq. yards worth of land worth Rs 25 lakh inside the Golden Cottage in Shadnagar, together with Rs 50 lakh. He instructed the family members to tell him who would do with the money if he acquired the prize

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Kajal Debtor Sunny .. Ravi Elimination, Vekki Vekki Weeping House Members

Earlier, Priyanka had revealed that she had under no circumstances even taken the amount fifty lakhs by the hand. If she wins the money, she’s going to assemble a house for her mom and father and undertake a lady. Shriram – said he would assemble an enormous house for his mom and father. Ravi said that he wished to spend some money on his daughter Via’s coaching and start a TV manufacturing with the rest of the money. Kajal said that she had a debt of Rs 30 lakh and would repay the debt and assemble an outdated age residence. Sunny says she wants to rearrange a salon and may use the money if she wins.

Manas says he wants to start a producing house and anchor new ones. Shanmukh said .. Patika lakhs will possible be given to our sale and one different Patika lakhs will possible be given to Deepti. He said a number of of his mom and father had been serving to with the coaching and that the money would help them. Siri said that her boyfriend Shrihan owes her mom and father some money and that she’s going to make use of the remaining to help the blind.

Nag then known as the nominees to the yard house and instructed them to face up. Later, Shanmukh launched that he had been saved. Nagarjuna later carried out a sport with housemates known as ‘Chittibombalu Cheppu Chitram’. And then the bins had been put inside the fingers of the other three contestants inside the nomination … Among them was Priyanka Safe. Eventually Kajal and Ravi left and rigidity started between them and the relations. Speaking to Kajal on the time, Sunny said that he would use the ‘eviction free go’. Kajal replied .. ‘The viewers will go together with the vote. Sunny, Manas tried to steer her with this. I was a robust contestant .. argued that the go wouldn’t be required. Sunny said that he had fought onerous to get an eviction free go. However, Kajal said she would go ahead with the viewers vote.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Kajal Debtor Sunny .. Ravi Elimination, Vekki Vekki Weeping House Members

Nag then known as Ravi and Kajal into the yard house. He said that the choice of the viewers had already come .. nevertheless the power to change it .. was solely within the house. Immediately Sunny .. launched the eviction free go. ‘Will you make the most of that eviction free go ..? Nagarjuna requested Sunny if he would save one in all many two. Sunny replied … ‘He likes every of them’. Think of Shanmukh inside the middle, ‘he said inside the dialogue.

Sunny was silent for a while .. Finally Kajal put the eviction free go in entrance of him. Sunny Reason said that it was resulting from Kajal that he used her. With this, Nag launched that Ravi was eliminated as Kajal Save Avva inside the nomination. Emotional Sunny went and hugged Ravi. He cried apologizing for not with the flexibility to make use of the go for you. However, he gave Ravi his reward voucher. Kajal was moreover moved to tears by the incident. Nagarjuna then ordered that the eviction free go be returned to Bigg Boss. Shanmukh moreover grew to turn into emotional as Ravi left the house. All the relations said goodbye to him in tears.

Ravini then acquired right here on stage. Who will go and who will fail on this journey? Nagarjuna carried out a sport known as. When Shan was instructed he had handed he purchased up and apologized if one thing bothered him. He said that Shan had handed away, that he was very mature and that he had not found a brother. And Shriram said that even when he’s associated late .. he has become a relative. Friend means he’ll do one thing .. He praised Sunny. Priyanka, Siri gave Kajal a file tag. ‘It is your responsibility to protect your fingers from time immemorial. Think of 1 factor and do it ‘, Ravi recommended Priyanka. ‘Don’t play the game for fear of failing,’ Siriki urged. Manas said that he was having fun with the game very successfully. ‘You should under no circumstances fail,’ he instructed Kajal.

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