BGMI Weapons List & Details (Damage, Fire Rate, Ammo)

PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India have an enormous checklist of weapons and throwables, and every of those has its personal standards to be used in numerous conditions for various ranges. In this text, I will probably be sharing the entire information on BGMI Weapons with full particulars.

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BGMI Weapons List

All the BGMI Weapons have been listed within the desk under, together with their Type, Ammo, and Fire Rate per second. You can discover the entire weapons checklist by navigating to Inventory > Gun Icon, and all of the weapons will seem one after one other.

BGMI Weapons List and Its Details


The first weapons that we’ve acquired into this checklist are throwables that take care of very excessive injury for the gamers staying of their vary. Punches additionally give good injury of 18 HP. Throwables that you can be getting in BGMI are:

  • Apple
  • Snowball
  • Stun Grenade
  • Frag Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail

Assault Rifles (AR)

AR is the primary class of firing weapons of our itemizing, within the assault rifles you get the choice of computerized, burst, and single-firing mode as effectively. These weapons can be utilized for each brief and long-range fight with huge injury. M416, AKM, SCAR-L are a few of the greatest weapons of AR. A fast overview of all of the weapons on this checklist has been talked about under.

Weapons Ammo Fire Rate (rounds/minute) Damage
AKM 7.62 mm 600 49 HP
M16A 5.56 mm 600 43 HP
SCAR-L 5.56 mm 576 43 HP
M416 5.56 mm 660 43 HP
GROZA 7.62 mm 750 49 HP
AUG A3 5.56 mm 660 43 HP
QBZ 5.56 mm 625 43 HP
M762 7.62 mm 600 47 HP
MK47 Mutant 7.62 mm 600 49 HP
G36C 5.56 mm 700 43 HP
FAMAS 5.56 mm 750 53 HP

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

Snipers are literally long-range rifles, it consists of everybody’s favourite Kar98K and most damaging AWM. These weapons can hearth just one bullet without delay, so use them properly and attempt to hit the pinnacle.

Weapons Ammo Damage
Kar98K 7.62 mm 75 HP
M24 7.62 mm 79 HP
AWM (Artic Warfare Magnum) .300 Magnum 105 HP
WIN94 7.62 mm 66 HP
Mosin Nagant Sniper 7.62 mm 79 HP

Automatic Sniper Rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) which is now referred to as Automatic Sniper Rifles. These weapons are additionally very damaging, from this checklist Mini14 is liked by a lot of the gamers.

Weapons Ammo Fire Rate (rounds/minute) Damage
SKS 7.62 mm 670 53 HP
VSS 9 mm 700 41HP
Mini14 5.56 mm 600 46 HP
MK14 7.62 mm 670 61 HP
SLR 7.62 mm 600 58 HP
QBU 5.56 mm 600 48 HP
MK12 5.56 mm 600 46 HP


Submachine Guns (SMG) are the perfect for close-range fight. Automatic submachine weapons embody my favourite UZI, PP-19 Bizon, and another weapons which can be talked about under.

Weapons Ammo Fire Rate (rounds/minute) Damage
UZI 9 mm 1,200 26 HP
UMP45 0.45 ACP 670 39 HP
Vector 9 mm 1,100 31 HP
Thompson SMG (Tommy Gun) 0.45 ACP 670 40 HP
PP-19 Bizon 9 mm 660 35 HP
MP5K 9 mm 900 33 HP
P90 9 mm N/A N/A


When it’s a must to take down an opponent in shut vary (100m) my suggestion is to go along with any of the below-mentioned Shotguns. These ship deadly injury to the opponent and have the potential to complete in a single shot.

Weapons Ammo Firing Mode Damage (Per Pellet)
S686 12 Gauge Semi-auto 26 HP
S1897 12 Gauge Pump motion 26 HP
S12K 12 Gauge Semi-auto 24 HP
DBS 12 Gauge 2-shell pump motion 26 HP
M1014 Shotgun 12 Gauge Semi-auto 24 HP

Light Machine Gun

In the Light Machine Gun class, virtually all of us love utilizing DP-28 due to its excessive damaging energy with minimal recoil. Some different weapons of this class are talked about within the desk under.:

Weapons Ammo Fire Rate (rounds/minute) Damage
M249 5.56 mm 800 45 HP
DP-28 7.62 mm 550 51 HP
MG3 7.62 mm N/A N/A


It is nice to have a nasty gun than no gun, and while you drop to a populated space my advice is to not ignore any weapon you discover even a pistol which may be very much less damaging. The spawn charge of pistols in Battlegrounds Mobile India is an excessive amount of so that you don’t must wrestle find them.

Weapons Ammo Fire Rate (rounds/minute) Damage
P92 9 mm 420 45 HP
P1911 .45 ACP 545 41 HP
R1895 7.62 mm 150 55 HP
P18C 9 mm 1,000 23 HP
R45 .45 ACP 240 55 HP
Sawed-off 12 Gauge N/A 160 HP
Flare Gun N/A N/A Call Drop
Skorpion 9 mm 850 22 HP
Desert Eagle .45 ACP 240 62 HP


Melee weapons are hand weapon that may hit solely the close to particular person. From this checklist Pan is most damaging, one shot of pan can end any opponent without delay.

  • Machete
  • Crowbar
  • Sickle
  • Pan


Here comes the final weapon Crossbow, the injury and reloading are very low so my advice is to keep away from it while you discover a higher gun.

Weapons Ammo Fire Rate (in seconds) Damage
Crossbow Bolt N/A N/A

This is the entire checklist of BGMI Weapons and their fast overview. All these gear works greatest when they’re linked with their greatest acceptable attachments. You can simply discover their greatest attachments by clicking on their title.

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