As per your ‘prakruti’, here’s how long you should leave oil in your hair

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A very good hair care routine, if adopted diligently, can do wonders for our hair. One such behavior — believed to strengthen the hair and likewise improve its thickness — that has been handed down from generations is oiling the hair and conserving it in a single day. However, Ayurveda suggests the other. Find out why.

Taking to Instagram, Dr Rekha Radhamony shared that leaving hair oil in a single day can imbalance the doshas. “Let me break this down for you. Why do you use hair oil — to advertise the expansion of hair, give nourishment to the scalp, to scale back hair fall, proper? So for giving all these advantages, a hair oil should be fortified with herbs which have particular actions,” she wrote in her post, including that many of those herbs “should have a cooling impact to work their magic” as “hair progress can not occur with sizzling elements.”

She additional defined that leaving oil in a single day may cause “an imbalance of kapha resulting in mucous, cough, chilly, headache”, suggesting that the perfect time to use hair oil is just some hours earlier than having a shower.

She additionally listed the perfect time to maintain hair oil, in line with the doshas

*People with oily scalp have their kapha dosha dominant and are extra liable to mucous-related points like cough, chilly, and complications and may simply fall sick in the event that they maintain hair oil in a single day. “Do not leave oil in your hair for greater than 15 to twenty minutes,” she advised.

*If you have a dry scalp — a vata predominant one — you can leave hair oil for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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*If you have a pitta prakruti, the perfect time is half-hour to 45 minutes.

She suggested that since infants are in their kapha section “the time should be even lesser — 10 minutes to most of quarter-hour.”

“When you try the whole lot to develop and enhance the well being of hair, let’s not imbalance our doshas,” she stated, including that if you are “habituated to utilizing hair oil in a single day all your life – (okasatmya – beneficial by behavior) and by no means felt any imbalances, you might proceed to take action.”

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