Are diving boards illegal in MA?

Under Massachusetts law, swimming pool owners must surround their pool with a fence at least four feet tall. The fence should have a self-latching and self-closing gate. They need to make sure their pool diving boards and pool ladders are safe for use.

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Also, is it illegal to have a diving board?

Diving boards are not illegal. It depends on the pool. You can’t have a diving board on a shallow pool because you could literally kill yourself diving.

Also, are diving boards illegal in Texas? A new state code has all but outlawed the high dive. The reason: Section L of Chapter 265 of the Texas Administrative Code, which prescribes clearances for diving boards, depths of water, and slopes of pool bottoms as they rise from deep end to shallow. The new rules became effective in September 2004.

Also asked, does a diving board increase insurance?

It isn’t likely that your diving board will increase your insurance rates by a sizable amount. However, some insurers do not cover homes with diving boards at all. Liability coverage isn’t just a consideration for homes with pools or homes with diving boards.

Can you have a diving board with a fiberglass pool?

What the concrete/gunite companies knew was that most fiberglass companies did not have diving pools, so they could use that to help beat out the fiberglass sales guy. But it did not take long before fiberglass manufacturers started building fiberglass swimming pools that were 8′ deep and could take a diving board.

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