Are berries good for PCOS?

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a standard hormonal dysfunction that results in many issues reminiscent of infertility, irregular or no intervals, emotional misery, zits points, weight achieve, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, anxiousness, despair and hair fall, amongst others.

With an extra of knowledge out there on the web, one is sure to get confused about what they need to eat and what they shouldn’t. “One of my mantras is to suppose about what meals you’ll be able to add to your food plan versus what meals you must ‘supposedly’ lower out. Fruit will get a nasty rap within the PCOS world. Wrong! Fruits can have many well being advantages for PCOS,” wrote nutritionist Martha Mckittrick, in an Instagram post within the backdrop of PCOS Awareness Month which is widely known each September.

Experts imagine that berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are good for PCOS. Mckittrick mentioned, “They are filled with nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre.” She instructed that berries are the most effective in recent kind however frozen will be simply as good.

Listing out their advantages, she mentioned, “They will help enhance three drivers of PCOS- insulin resistance, irritation and intestine well being.”


Although irritation is a protecting response of the physique however in case of PCOS, persistent irritation can result in issues in ovulation. “Berries are the richest fruit in antioxidants and comprise different nutritional vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium that shield the physique from free radicals and struggle irritation,” the nutritionist mentioned.

Insulin sensitivity

Mckittrick mentioned that berries are excessive in fibre and, thus, will help within the sluggish absorption of sugar into the blood. “This reduces the discharge of insulin after consuming which helps to enhance insulin sensitivity,” she added.

Improves intestine well being

“Many girls with PCOS have an latered intestine microbiome (extra unhealthy micro organism and fewer range of micro organism). This may even be a driver of PCOS,” she mentioned. She additional informed that berries have excessive soluble fibre content material. “It feeds the ‘good’ micro organism within the giant gut and improves the bacterial steadiness in your intestine.”

Make you’re feeling full

Since berries have a excessive fibre content material, they’ll help make one really feel full. “It will increase emotions of fullness and satiety and helps to handle starvation, ” she mentioned. Feeling full will help with weight reduction, too.

The skilled went on to counsel some attention-grabbing methods in which you’ll eat berries:

*Dark chocolate dipped strawberries
*Mash and use as jam
*Add to chia seed pudding
*Mixed berries with handful of nuts
*Top salad with a couple of raspberries
*Blend berries with yogurt, ice, floor flax seeds, and vanilla for a refreshing shake

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