Alice Von Hildebrand Obituary & Death Cause

Alice Von Hildebrand Obituary & Death Cause

Alice von Hildebrand, a Catholic philosopher and longstanding educator, died on Jan. 14 at the age of 98.

“I write with grief mixed with delight to inform you that our beloved friend and sister Alice von Hildebrand passed away at 12:25 a.m. this morning. In a Jan. 14 death notice, Hildebrand Project Founder and President John Henry Crosby stated, “She died quietly at home following a brief illness.”

“Those who knew Lily regularly heard her comment that her candle’s wick was getting shorter and shorter. In reality, she wished for death – to see Our Lord’s face, to finally be reunited with her husband Dietrich, her parents, and her greatest friend Madeleine Stebbins — with the tranquility that only pure innocence and profound faith can provide.”

In 1923, Alice Jourdain, the future Von Hildebrand, was born in Belgium. During World War II, she escaped Europe and arrived in New York City in 1940. Soon after, she met Dietrich von Hildebrand, a prominent personalist philosopher. She recalls being struck by Dietrich’s commitment to truth and knowledge right away.

In her 2014 autobiography, “Memoirs of a Happy Failure,” von Hildebrand stated, “The instant he opened his mouth, I knew it was what I was yearning for: the aroma of the supernatural, the luminous beauty of truth, the union of all values: truth, beauty, and goodness.”

She was Dietrich’s philosophy student for several years before the couple married in 1959.

Von Hildebrand began teaching philosophy at Hunter College in New York City in 1947 and spent the most of her career there. Despite the fact that von Hildebrand portrayed the secular institution as fundamentally anti-Catholic, she was well-liked by her pupils and even influenced a few of them to convert.

“The term ‘objective truth’ causes terror at secular colleges,” she said in her book. “‘I know you don’t belong there,’ God declared, as my coworkers echoed over and over. ‘However, I have job for you to do, and you won’t be able to complete it on your own.’ ‘I will assist you.’”

After 37 years at Hunter College, von Hildebrand retired in 1984 and was honored with the college’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching.

During her lifetime, Von Hildebrand wrote numerous publications, including “The Privilege of Being a Woman” and “The Soul of a Lion: Dietrich von Hildebrand’s Life.” She also contributed to the Hildebrand Project, which promoted her late husband’s work, by writing several articles and essays.

She was a regular contributor to Catholic News Agency and made over 80 appearances on Eternal Word Television Network, CNA’s parent business (EWTN).

EWTN Chaplain Father Joseph Wolfe commented, “We are thankful for the tremendous contributions she made to Catholic thinking and for the many programs she produced for EWTN over the years.” “May she be rewarded eternally and rejoice in the delight of being reunited with her beloved husband Dietrich, whom she valued so much.”

Von Hildebrand was described as a “exemplary, cheerful warrior” for the Church by Alejandro Bermudez, executive director of Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa.

“Not only did she make over 80 appearances on EWTN, but she also left behind possibly her most important body of essays in the series of pieces she produced exclusively for CNA,” Bermudez added. Her work with CNA may be seen here.

Von Hildebrand said in a 2014 interview with CNA that her life had turned out to be very different from what she had imagined.

“God has selected a path for my life that is quite different from what I had anticipated. I’m reminded of the female Habakkuk who was thrown into the lion’s den “she stated”.

Alice Von Hildebrand Obituary & Death Cause

Alice Von Hildebrand, an American Catholic philosopher born in Belgium, died in New Rochelle, New York, at the age of 98. In this page, you’ll learn more about her, including the cause of her death.

Alice was a brilliant philosopher, novelist, theologian, and professor. She spent 37 years as a philosophy professor at Hunter College. She was also the second wife of Dietrich Von Hildebrand, a German Roman Catholic philosopher and religious writer.

She died at her home on January 14, 2022, following a brief illness. May she rest in peace in heaven.

What Was Alice Von Hildebrand’s Age When She Died? The Age of the Person

Alice Von Hildebrand’s death was verified by several media outlets. At the age of 98, she breathed her final breath.

Alice Marie Jourdain was born on March 11, 1923, in Brussels, Belgium. After Germany invaded Poland in 1940, she fled to the United States as a refugee. She began her education at Manhattanville College. She went on to Fordham University, where she earned her PhD in philosophy in 1949.

A joyful, faithful 'warrior': Catholic philosopher, author Alice von  Hildebrand dies at 98 | Catholic News Agency

She looked for work after finishing her study, but Catholic universities turned her down since women were not allowed to teach philosophy at the time.

In 1947, she was hired as a professor at Hunter College. After 14 years of teaching, she was granted academic tenure. She penned a number of books, including The Art Of Living, which she co-authored with her husband.

The Lost Sense of the Supernatural and Feminism: Alice von Hildebrand | National Catholic Register

The Alice Von Hildebrand Family Is Investigated

Dietrich Von Hilderbrand was Alice Von Hilderbrand’s spouse, but facts regarding her other family members are still being investigated.

Dietrich, her spouse, was a Roman Catholic philosopher and religious writer from Germany. Alice was a student and Dietrich was a professor at Fordham University, where they met.

In 1959, two years after his first wife died, she married him. She then worked as his secretary and co-authored books with him, including The Art Of Living. They never had children and stayed married till his death in 1977. Because of her husband’s antagonism, she went by her maiden name. Today was the last day for Alice Von Hildebrand.

The Cause of Alice Von Hildebrand’s Death Has Been Revealed

According to many media reports, Alice Von Hildebrand died after a brief illness. Alice was nearing the end of her life, and her health was failing on a daily basis. Her actual cause of death is unknown, however we may speculate that her age had a role.

Her life was flawless, and she will be remembered for a long time. She will live on in the hearts of Americans forever. Her contributions to education and philosophy will be remembered for a long time.

Let her soul rest in peace.