30+ 2020 Hot Sandy Blonde Hairstyle Models

30+ 2020 Hot Sandy Blonde Hairstyle Models

As we look forward to the new season, trend setters are starting to shape the new season’s hair trends. When it comes to haircuts and styles, trend hair colors have already begun to be determined. One of the most fashionable colors of this year is the light sand yellow tone!

Blonde hair color is always among our favorites, but next season blondes are a little brighter and more natural. The sand blonde shade is one of those colors and we will see this hair color very often next season! Those who want to make changes to their hair color should definitely pay attention to the sand blonde hair color.

How to get sand yellow?

To try sand blonde hair color at home, you should use ashy blonde hair dyes. Our favorite ashy blond hair dye is L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme 9.1 Ash Blonde. This color, which suits well with wheat skins, adds a dynamic and energetic atmosphere to the face. If you are afraid of blonde hair colors that will make you look pale, you should choose sand blonde hair dye.

How should sand blond hair care be?

After you choose the sand blonde color, you should choose shampoo and care products for dyed hair that can preserve the shine of the hair and make the color brighter day by day. Also, you should not forget to apply a care mask twice a week.

Using pH-balanced shampoos will help keep hair color looking brighter for longer. For this reason, you should definitely apply the Ph balanced shampoo from the Excellence dye box to your hair for the first wash.

2020 Trend Sand Yellow Models

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