12 Cars Manufacturers Wish They’d Never Made

Whether as a consequence of abysmal gross sales or excursions that tarnished a whole model, carmakers from GM to Ferrari have produced some actual turkeys through the years. On paper, some enormous successes, however plain flopped. Others had been atrocious proper out of the gate. But any method you take a look at it, producers want these twelve autos had by no means darkened their doorsteps. Some will probably be duds ceaselessly, whereas others have elicited a sure fondness for his or her quirky, unique, or adventuresome qualities. 

2002 Lincoln Blackwood

2002 Lincoln Blackwood | Ford

With the Lincoln Navigator promoting so effectively, it needed to see the identical success with a pickup referred to as Blackwood. But luxing up a truck inside is totally different than doing that to a pickup mattress. Yes, the mattress was carpeted and lined with the tonneau. Lincoln was fortunate to have offered 3,356, which made it the bottom manufacturing Lincoln ever.